Blood Bank

Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital Blood Bank is a licensed state of the art facility with ultra modern infrastructure and equipments so as to provide safest possible blood to all those in need in shortest possible time. With over 5000 units blood collection per year, S.M.I.H. Blood Bank is already one of the largest Blood Bank in Uttarakhand catering to blood component demand of not only in-patients but rather of many hospitals and nursing homes of the region.

It is our vision to strive for 100% voluntary blood donations which is considered the safest blood supply and also while doing so educate the society about perils such as nutritional anemia, H.I.V., other sexually transmitted diseases, and measures to prevent them. Voluntary donations are being promoted by organizing regular blood donation camps at educational institutes, corporate offices and many other organizations and gatherings.

We have a dedicated team of qualified and trained professionals who follow stringent screening procedures, careful documentation and good laboratory practices for collecting, processing and testing blood. We have a very dedicated motivation team which is constantly working hard to disseminate the message of humanity, whereby people rise above their religion, caste and other identities to help fellow humans without any self interest. Such an act of altruism gives immense pleasure and happiness to a blood donor.

The Blood Bank is now a full fledged transfusion medicine centre where component preparation, platelet apheresis, therapeutic phlebotomy and other procedures are frequently performed. Our laboratories are equipped with modern instruments such as blood cell separator (Model – Trima Accel Caridian BCT – USA), refrigerated centrifuge (Heraeus CF 6000i), platelet incubator / Aggitator 48 bags – H (Helmer), cryobath (Terumo Penpol), plasma thawing system (Helmer) & plasma freezer – 40 DW 40 L. 626 (Haier Medical) etc. We perform frequent quality checks of blood components prepared in our Blood Bank to stand firm in our commitment of providing best quality services essential in running of the vital transfusion chain.